"…emboldening students to harness their own power to shape their futures and the world."

Pride Academy


Frequently Asked Questions

When did Pride Academy open?

Pride Academy Charter School opened its doors to students in September 2008.

Where is Pride Academy located?

Pride Academy Charter School is located at:

117 Elmwood Avenue
(between Shepard Ave & Madonna Place)
East Orange, New Jersey 07018
Phone: 973-672-3200
Fax: 973-672-3207
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What is Pride Academy Charter School?

Pride Academy is a tuition free charter school dedicated to serving middle school students in the communities of East Orange, Orange, and Newark, New Jersey.

What is Pride Academy’s mission?

“Pride Academy Charter School endeavors to ignite success in middle school students of all abilities through a curriculum rooted in the values of peace, respect, integrity, determination, and empathy. By establishing a community dedicated to academic achievement, mastery of fundamental skills, positive leadership, and active service, Pride Academy Charter School strives to embolden its students to harness their own power to shape their future and the world.” Read More…

What grade levels does Pride Academy teach?

Pride Academy Charter School serves students in grades 5-8. The entire student body numbers 264, with 3 classes of 22 students in each grade. The teacher student ratio is approximately 1:14.

What distinguishes Pride Academy Charter School?

Pride Academy Charter School is set apart by its 5 core components:

  • A fully integrated curriculum dedicated to academic rigor.
  • A school-wide focus on the development of higher order thinking skills through the PACS Learning Cycle.
  • A commitment to accountability and action.
  • A dedication to professional growth.
  • A respect for the interconnectedness of community.
What is the PACS Learning Cycle?

The PACS Learning Cycle is an original pedagogical approach created by the Pride Academy Charter School team to strengthen higher order thinking through the cultivation of four key skills: questioning, seeking, understanding, and responding. Read More…

What are the school’s core values?

Pride Academy Charter School’s community is built upon a commitment from all school members-teachers, administrators, student and parents – to live the core values of pride, respect, integrity, determination, and empathy. Read More…

Are students expected to wear a school uniform?

At Pride Academy, student are expected to wear the school uniform which may be obtained from Uniformity in Newark (Phone: 888-257-1414). Use “151” on their website as our school code.

Who are the Pride Academy Charter School Founders?

Pride Academy Charter School was designed by a group of educational and parent leaders with close to 50 years collective school experience in Newark and East Orange New Jersey.

How can I find out more information?

For the different areas of school operations please refer to our contacts page.

More information about New Jersey charter schools can be found at the New Jersey Charter Schools website.