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Support Reading at Pride

Support Reading at Pride

You can support our exciting reading programs at Pride by helping us to purchase books that will engage our students and develop literacy skills. Please make a tax deductable donation to our projects on DonorsChoice. Projects...

School Uniforms

The Pride Acadamy school uniform is now available on the Lands End website.

3D Field Trips

Students on a 3D field trip

Walking into one of Pride's classrooms recently, you would have seen students staring into cardboard viewers, wandering around their classroom, gasping in surprise. It was an odd sight in a classroom. On that day, our students were on field trips that never left our building. Students floated next to scuba divers, watching deep-sea life. They stood at the top of the tallest building in the world in Dubai, staring out at the extraordinary view of a country they had never been to. The week before, Google had selected Pride as one of the sites for the Google Pioneer Expeditions program. Read more...

Anti-Bullying Report

During the 2014-2015 School Year, Pride Academy's School Safety Team, Administration, and Board conducted the School Self-Assessment and based on the results, a grade has been determined by the Commissioner of Education. The grade is a raw score of data derived from the Self-Assessment rubric and the sum of the ratings for all indicators within the 8 core elements on the Self-Assessment. The maximum total score for a school is 78 points. Pride Academy Charter School received a score of 78 out of 78 points.

Why come to PRIDE?

Pride Academy Charter School is an award winning, tuition free, middle school serving families in Newark, Orange, East Orange, and surrounding districts in New Jersey. PRIDE opened on September 3rd 2008 and serves students in grades five through eight.

PRIDE offers a learning environment emphasizing Peace and structure and is based on a community in which all members exhibit Respect for one another. We expect actions to be based on a personal sense of Integrity which leads us to be true to ourselves and honest with others.

At PRIDE we have high expectations for academic achievement and we believe that students can attain success through the Determination of the whole community to work hard and to continually seek ways to grow.

We place a high value on positive leadership and active service based on Empathy for others and an understanding of the wider community.