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Pride Academy


Families of students who have completed an application and have been selected in a lottery will receive an acceptance letter from Pride Academy. The following steps must then be taken to complete student registration at Pride:

If at any time you need assistance with these steps, please contact Pride Academy immediately. Student admission depends on the completion of all of the above steps to meet state requirements.

Return the Acceptance Letter

The Parent/Guardian section of the acceptance letter must be completed, dated and signed and returned to Pride Academy. Please return the letter to the school in person so that you can pick up registration forms.

If you decide not to accept your student’s place at Pride, please contact Pride Academy immediately so that your child’s name can be removed from Pride Academy Charter School’s enrollment list. This will help to avoid any confusion with enrollment at other schools.

Obtain a Transfer Card

In order to enroll at Pride Academy, you must obtain a Transfer Card from the local public school that your child would have attended if not enrolled at Pride.

To obtain the Transfer Card you must first ensure that your child is registered in the local school district where your child will be living while at Pride Academy.

Registration and transfer procedures differ from city to city. Please read our Transferring to Pride section for further information.

Please check that the transfer card that you receive is

  • Signed and dated by the school principal.
  • Includes the child’s 10-digit student identification number.

Submit Pride Registration Documents

To complete your child’s registration at Pride Academy, you will need the following documents:

Transfer Card
All parents must obtain documentation showing that their child has transferred from their local public school to Pride Academy Charter School.

The transfer card must:

  • be dated and signed by a school principal or district official
  • include your child’s 10 digit Student Identification Number

Residents of East Orange must provide a completed Schools of Choice Application which has been signed and authorized by the East Orange Enrollment Center staff.

Student Identification
Parents must provide identification for each child enrolled in PRIDE Academy Charter School. Acceptable proofs of identification include:

  • a copy of the child’s birth certificate
Parent Identification
Proof of parental identification is necessary for all students. Forms of identification include one of the following:

  • a NJ Drivers License or
  • a passport with photo id or
  • any state issued id

Foster parents and superior court appointed legal guardians must provide proof of custody as well as proof of identification.

Verification of Residence
Two forms of residence verification are required from those listed here:

  • PSE&G bill (both parts, in English) or verification of electrical service connection*
  • Closing Escrow Agreement (Note: PRIDE does not accept opening escrow papers)
  • Current Income Tax or Property Tax Documents
  • Current Bank Statements Checkbook with current address
  • Current Cable Bill
  • Current Water/Trash Bill
  • Current Telephone Bill (landline only, not cellular)
  • Current Social Services documents
  • Lease agreement for housing

*NOTE: in the event a utility connection is used as proof of residency, then a utility bill must be provided again within 45 days to assure continued enrollment.

Academic Records
Parents should bring in the academic records that they received from their child’s previous schools, including:

  • Standardized Test Scores.
  • Cummulative Records and/or Report Cards.
  • All student support records.
Immunization Records
Parents must provide a copy of their child’s immunization records as required by the State of New Jersey.
Pride Registration Forms
Please make sure that you complete all forms in your Pride Academy registration packet including the following:

  • Parent Health Consent Form.
  • Transportation Form.
  • Photo Release Form.