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Pride Academy

Transferring to Pride Academy

If you have received an acceptance letter and wish to register your child at Pride Academy you must first obtain a Transfer Card from your local public school. This is the public school that your child would have attended if not enrolled at Pride.

Please read the following sections for information about:

How to get a Transfer Card

To obtain the Transfer Card you must first make sure that your child is registered in the local school district where your child will be living while at Pride Academy. You can do this at the same time as you transfer.

Registration and transfer procedures differ from city to city:

  • Residents of Orange and Newark should register in and request a transfer card at their local neighborhood elementary or middle school.
  • Residents of East Orange should arrange their transfer and registration with the East Orange Enrollment Center at the Church of the Crossroads. You will obtain a Schools of Choice Application which must be completed and then authorized by the Enrollment Center staff. Parents must schedule a time to meet with the Enrollment Center staff by calling 973-676-1869 or 973-676-1873.
  • Residents of other school districts should contact their district school for information on local registration and transfer procedures. Please contact Pride Academy if you need assistance.

Check district websites for transfer procedures and make sure that you take all the necessary documents with you.

What to do if you are Moving

If you are moving from one district to another as you begin at Pride Academy, you will have to transfer twice.

First you must request a transfer out of your child’s current school and then register the child in the public school district where your child will be living while attending Pride Academy.

After you have obtained a Transfer Card from your child’s previous school, you must then follow the steps above for a second time to request a transfer out of your new public school district and into Pride Academy Charter School.

Transferring from a Private School

If your child is transferring from a private school, then you must follow the steps above to register in your current public school district and then request a transfer out of your public school district and into Pride Academy Charter School.

Documents you will need

You should take the following documents with you when you register your child in their resident school district or request a transfer card:

  • The acceptance letter from Pride Academy that provides proof that your child has been accepted to Pride Academy.
  • Immunization Record and Health Records
  • If appropriate, proof of legal guardianship
  • Proof of your child’s age (birth certificate, passport or baptismal certificate).
  • Two (2) forms validating proof of residency (current utility bill and current lease/mortgage statement or two of the following: current cable bill; current phone bill; current bank statement).
  • Students’ Standardized Test Scores and Cumulative Record.
  • If you have moved from one school district to another, you should submit the Transfer Card that you obtained from your previous school. Please make sure that it is signed by the school Principal and includes your child’s 10 digit Student Identification Number.

Your child must accompany you to the registration interview.

Check with your local school district to see if there are further registration or transfer requirements.